Buying Power of Individuals
Grouped Together

Contact our Material Suppliers for an estimate on your building project's material and compare the Co-op's price to yours. The more material we buy together the better our pricing will become.

Material Suppliers Explained

Each of the Material Suppliers that are listed in Contractor Co-op’s directory have agreed to allow all homeowners and business members of the Co-op to purchase material at the Co-op’s exclusive price from their store. As our Co-op collectively buys more material together we
actively renegotiate the pricing for our Co-op users and members. There is a definitive difference between big box home improvement retail stores and the material providers that professional contractors use everyday. The main difference is the superior industry and product
knowledge of the staff at these professional suppliers. While you can purchase at any of these locations in person you can also have material delivered if you have a larger amount. Contractor’s Co-op includes only professional material suppliers in their membership both local, regional, and national.


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