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Contractor’s Co-op was created to help local Homeowners find the right contractor for their projects and to create buying power for Homeowners and Contractors by allowing them to purchase through the same accounts at professional construction material suppliers and businesses. We began as a small group of contractors who know the expense of traditional advertising is too high for a lot of small businesses. Add your Contracting business to our free directory so locals can get in direct touch with you. Visit our Wholesale Marketing Store powered by Halo, to save money on all your marketing needs. You can save money on various building products, business insurance, and various other expenses that you already incur. As we make additional agreements with other Material Suppliers and Partner Businesses you will have the ability to save on their services and goods. Contractors can post their open jobs and locate subcontractors here too. If you are a business owner who provides a good or service to small contractors and would like to offer our members a discount in exchange for having our membership funneled to your business please sign up for a Partner Business account.


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